Trade mission – South Tyrol

From 16- 18 May psps organised on behalf of IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige a trade mission for four South Tyrolean Bio & Sustainable Food and Beverages companies. The delegation visited Brussels and the surrounding area to present its regional delicacies.

The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10.000. There has been a major shift in how we eat food, which foods we’re consuming and what we value in food.

This is clearly a trend seen in Belgium as well, where Bio and Sustainability in food and beverages is very big at the moment. The demand is constantly increasing every year. The companies Brimi - Milchhof Brixen, Bio Südtirol, Brennerei A. Walcher and Lüch da Pcëi have met various local retailers, wholesalers, gourmet markets, supermarkets and buyers of the sector. 

















Contactpersoon:Madlen Bendel
Telefoon:070 322 90 06

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