Hereby a selection of the projects where psps initiated, advised and/or assisted in.

Country pavilions

One of the specialisations of psps is the organisation of country pavilions at international fairs. psps has organised a Dutch Pavilion for Dutch industrial suppliers twice on the Swisstech in Basel (Switzerland). Both fairs were a huge success. A testimony from one of the participants, Berrie van den Burgt, Sales Director at BKB Precision:

psps consultants has not only prepared us well for the leap to a new export country, but has also made this realistic. Due to the assistance and support on a personal level, psps has made it possible for us to set foot abroad, leading towards a significant increase in our turnover. We are very happy with the efforts of psps consultants!

Other examples of projects that psps have been involved in:

  • Industrial supply/high-tech: Holland Pavilions on the Z/Intec in Leipzig, Germany – the Eurolite in Salzburg, Austria – Medtec in Stuttgard, Germany (4 times) – Productronica in München, Germany – France Pavilion at the ESEF in Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Health care/ medical devices/ medical devices: Dutch Pavilion at the Topclinica in Stuttgart, Germany – the Rehacare in Düsseldorf, Germany – Exposanita in Bologna, Italy.
  • Serious gaming/ creative industry: Dutch pavilion at the Learntec in Kalsruhe, Germany – E-merge Americas in Miami, United States.
  • Biotechnology: U.S. pavilion at the Bio Europe Spring in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Renewable energy: Dutch pavilion at the Sustainability live in Birmingham, U.K.

Trade missions

Trade missions- psps has extensive experience when it comes to trade missions. The goal of these missions is to explore new markets abroad.
For example, in 2015 psps arranged a mission for a Dutch delegation of entrepreneurs in the field of health care, to Southern Germany. The project was set-up in collaboration with Oost NV (East Netherlands Development Agency) and NBSO Stuttgart. The objective of this mission was for the participants to gain knowledge and insight about the market, to discover the differences between the German and the Dutch market and to get in touch with potential German partners. psps organized relevant visits to renowned clinics, rehabilitation centers, and the so-called “Sanitätshäuser” (medical stores). Furthermore psps brought the delegation to one of the world’s biggest and most significant trade fair that concentrates on rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion since 1980: the REHAB Karlsruhe. One of the participants, Bart Groothuijze, CEO of Inmote Medtech wrote a testimony:

I would like to thank psps for the great days we’ve had during the “Match2Rehab” trade mission. It was a great and informative experience!

Other examples of trade missions:

  • Industrial supply / hightech trade missions for Dutch entrepreneurs to the fairs Hannovermesse (Hannover, Germany) and Santek (Koaceli, Turkey). Trade mission for German companies to the Netherlands
  • Health care/ medical products / medical devices: trade mission for Dutch entrepreneurs to Northern Italy
  • Biotechnology trade mission for Dutch entrepreneurs to the regions Rhein-Neckar and Berlin-Brandenburg
  • (Renewable) energy/construction trade missions for Dutch companies in the field of logistics and water infrastructure to Hamburg, Germany, water infrastructure to France, and sustainable construction in Italy; buyers forum for German construction companies visiting the Netherlands; trade mission for German construction companies to Belgium.
  • (Sustainable) energy / construction trade missions for Dutch companies in the field of logistics and water infrastructure to Hamburg, water infrastructure to France and sustainable constructing to Italy; buyers forum for German construction companies visiting the Netherlands; trade mission for German construction companies to Belgium.
  • Agro & Food trade missions for Dutch entrepreneurs in the field of flowers, ornamental horticulture and food (general provisions) to Belgium. Examples include a visit to the Horeca Expo in Gent, trade missions for German food entrepreneurs (organic, frozen products and specialties) to the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Creative industry trade mission for German companies in the field of television/movie to the Netherlands.
  • Safety trade mission for German entrepreneurs to the Netherlands
  • Multi-sectoral trade mission for starting Dutch entrepreneurs to Paris.

Individual advice

This field of our activities entails our individual tailor-made projects that are discussed extensively with our clients. For example, detailed market research in combination with a partner search. A few more detailed examples of our individual projects can be found below:

  • Industrial supply / high-tech: psps assisted the Dutch company Bemet (CAD/CAM software for the metal- and the plastic processing industry) with finding a German distributor. Moreover psps is an agent for the American company Sandmeyer Steel (producer of stainless steel plates) together with our partner Aart van den Dool. We actively search for clients in the Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia.
  • Healthcare/medical products/medical devices: the company Endomed requested our assistance with finding German buyers for the IV pole products the company designs, produces and sells. The American company American Prosthetics Components, requested similar assistance; psps helped them finding clients in the Benelux and provided the company with extended market research.
  • (Renewable) energy/construction: psps helped the Italian company EWO with expanding on the Dutch market for their specialized LED lightning products for both the creative sector as the industrial sector. The Estonian company HUUM, producer of sauna heaters, requested on the other hand our assistance for finding a distributor in Germany.
  • Agro & Food: psps assisted the Dutch company Patisse with finding clients in Germany for their cake pans. Furthermore, psps has helped two Italian companies, Kellerei Meran (wine) and Walcher (liquor) by conducting market research and finding clients to set-up appointments in the Netherlands.  For the company Greencoat, an extended qualitative research was conducted, focussing on the German market for horse feed supplements.
  • Consumer goods: Estonian companies Friends (socks and underwear) and Mayeri (ecological washing detergents) have been assisted by psps in their first steps towards the German retail market.


psps tries to provide up-to-date information about a certain branch/country on a regular basis by organising a seminar, a webinars or export days.
One of psps’s first events in 2016, will be a seminar for Dutch companies active in the medical branch/health care wanting to expand to Germany. In a morning or afternoon, the participants will receive information about the market in Germany, what chances exist there, how the different distributor channels work, what the healthcare system looks like in Germany, and how to approach your target clients in the most effective and efficient way possible. One of the objectives of this seminar is to make it interactive; psps have invited experts from the sector and offer the participants to have one-on-one conversations with them.
Some examples of additional projects:

  • Coaching session about the German version of Linkedin: Xing. During this session, psps shared insights about how a Dutch company can use this medium to approach a German target group. In the interactive part of the session, participants were helped setting up their own Xing account.
  • Sessions for Dutch companies about doing business in Germany and about the cultural differences between the Netherlands and Germany
  • Sessions for foreign companies about doing business in the Benelux/Germany and discussing cultural differences.

Public Trade Services

psps is active in the field of Public Trade Services for a couple of countries/states/regions. The public trade services include assisting companies from concerned areas with their export activities to a new export market. psps represented a West-Norman organization with approximately 80 members from the supply industry on the Benelux market. The French companies were assistant in getting in touch with potential business partners from the Benelux.

A few examples of our public trade services:

  • Representation of the American state of Pennsylvania on the Benelux market. psps carries out market research and partner searches for individual companies. In addition psps represents some of these companies during trade shows upon request.
  • Representation of the American state of Wisconsin in the Netherlands/Belgium. psps writes a market intelligence update every month for the newsletter that is locally published. psps conducts market research for individual clients as well as partners searches and offer assistance during sales meetings.

Investment Promotion

psps arranged specific contacts with experts from Austria in the field of road and waterway construction, e-commerce and agriculture in 2014. A delegation from Austria has been present as guests of psps in the Netherlands for the whole month of November to inform companies about the opportunities in the Donauland.

More investment promotion projects:

  • Austria: psps regularly supports the Austrian business agency (ABA) in finding Dutch companies that would like to actively pursue the business opportunities in the Austrian market.
  • Germany: psps helped both the ZukunftAgentur Brandenburg (ZAB), as the city Rheine, with the search of Dutch companies wanting to become active in the region Brandenburg (for instance with opening an office).
  • France: psps assisted the French region Picardie in generating interest from Dutch companies for establishing in the region.
  • The Netherlands: psps helped Zeeland Invest in creating foreign interest in this Dutch region.