Doing business overseas? psps export & investment services helps!

psps helps you do business on an international level.
psps assists both individual companies, and multiple companies for one project; when bundled under a single project it’s possible that each separate company is active in different branches. psps carries out individual projects assigned by a company and we handle projects that are commissioned by a governmental organization/region.
psps has over fifteen years of international experience in distribution advising and sales advising; marketing; planning; employee mediation; coaching; developing contacts with potential investors, buyers, and producers; legal and fiscal issues and how to make use of possibilities within governmental institutions and branch organizations. All in all, everything you need while entering a new country with your business. This can be very detailed and extensive. Literally from A to Z via L; where L stands for ‘Leads’.
Though you can also start small with just a first orientation on a new overseas market or mentality through the organization of a seminar, visiting a fair abroad or getting in touch with one single specialist.

But the essence is:
interested in overseas business? psps is your partner!


In- and export opportunities.

psps advices and assists overseas companies, that seek opportunities in Europe where there are plenty of opportunities. psps also works for Dutch companies, wanting to expand overseas. Both Dutch and foreign firms can be supported by export promotional authorities. These authorities also reach out to psps for assistance.

psps is by and for entrepreneurs.

we are great at (creatively) thinking along with our clients.


psps is a one-stop shop for German speaking countries

German speaking countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Germany. We work together with local partners which means one representative for several countries. "our man on the ground is your man on the ground”.

We know projectmanagement.

We know projectmanagement; we are pragmatic and result-oriented. For years, psps has been organizing and executing trade missions. We are used to booking desirabke results quickly.

psps has pragmatic experience.

By the organisation of many trade missions, psps has lots of pragmatic experience and thousands of contacts in a wide branche of different sectors. The same goes for our partners abroad.

Many investors started as exporters.

The broad experience of psps in the area of trade missions gives us the ideal database for successful investment promotion.

psps isn't a government agency, but we work closely together

The Netherlands has a fine meshed overseas network with governmental agencies, meant to stimulate export. psps knows how these agencies can be conveniently used for the benefit of companies.