Private sector

Every company is both specific and generic. psps is no exception to that. Generically psps is strong in supporting companies from almost every company with plans to expand their business abroad. psps is specifically strong in specific sectors through long standing expertise.

Important sectors are:

  • Health (medical technology, equipment and aids)
  • Engineer and industrial supply (metal, plastics & synthetics, and other materials)
  • Energy (mainly sustainable resources from wind, water, sun)
  • Agrofood

Also important to mention are: ICT, software, creative industry, logistics, (sustainable) construction, consumer goods, and several forms of services.

Public sector (non-profit, government)

Investment (and trade) stimulating institutions are not only very interesting to entrepreneurs that are planning to set foot abroad, but also for economic development and employment opportunities from a city, region, or country. psps have a broad experience with working together with (semi)governments and other non-profit (development)organisations.

Through the trade missions that were organised in the past, psps acquired an ideal database with leads, and therefore successful investment promotions. The government works together with psps in different fields, via the same network. With this, psps generates possibilities for foreign companies in the Netherlands.