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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Export services foreign / national companies

To develop a new foreign market and generate turnover is for a large part a systematic process. Although the discipline of such a process gives no guarantees for results, we do however consider it to be a “conditio sine qua non”.

A brief explanation of the main steps involved:

  1. The first briefing from a new company is pre-structured. We will work with you on the following questions:

Do you know if and when yes, what kind of trade partner is needed (agent, importer/distributor, wholesaler, etc.)? If you decide to search for a local business partner: what is the desired profile, what tangible criteria does this partner have to comply with?

Do you have sufficient information on the Benelux market (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg) or is some kind of market research relevant? Or would you prefer to integrate match making and market research through in-market meetings with potential trade partners and market experts simultaneously?

Tactics are being discussed in our first meeting plus a preferred strategy will be outlined: do you want to open an own sales office, do you want marketing to be handled locally or out of your own office?

  1. On the basis of the first meeting we produce a quote. As soon as you  give your written approval, we produce a target group database. Here we make a distinction between A and B category. A sample of websites in the database are marked for you to check if you agree with our selection. The market approach we discuss on the basis of two documents; the elevator pitch (20-30 second script with main messages) and a FAQ list.
  2. During the process we keep you up to date on progress made. In practice we always come across new opportunities “as we go along”. These insights are shared and discussed.
  3. Before you visit the new foreign market you receive a travel itinerary and written profiles of all the people, companies and organizations that we have planned for you to meet. These profiles also include remarks, objectives and/or expectations as expressed by the respective counterparts.  
  4. Once you visit our market to meet potential partners, we accompany you to give our judgment on the parties met, to help you select the perfect fit. Those that where not selected will receive a brief explanation by mail and telephone from us.
  5. We will assist you in creating a MoA and secondly a document to legally formalize the partnership. The latter will be done with the help of a trusted partner, specialized in international business law.
  6. When needed, we will act as go-between or facilitator during a limited period of time, in order to get a good working relationship going with your new business partner.      

Although the process outlined above is fundamental, the way we look at our  work is of equal importance. “Entrepreneurs working for entrepreneurs”, meaning our ability to team up with our clients and come up with commercially creative solutions. We hope that this is the spirit that comes across when working with us.