psps is active in the field of public trade services in several countries, states and regions. On their behalf, psps helps companies from the concerning industries with their export activities to a new market for them.

What does it mean?

Public Trade Services can be completed by different targeted events.
A couple of examples:

  • Participation at a trade fair (supporting role in stand construction, acquisition and further necessary business)
  • Trade mission to explore a new market
  • Seminar about doing business in the concerning country
  • Seminar about the target sector in the concerning country
  • Market research introduction to the company concerned.
  • Partner search introduction to the company concerned.

What are the advantages?

  • Relatively low costs for the concerning company, because a large part (in some cases) of the costs are paid by the concerning region/state/association.
  • Contact in target country, who the interest of the concerning company / concerning companies can observe.
  • Obtaining all the relevant market information.
  • Making contacts in the concerning country without a lot of effort from the entrepreneur (locals contact locals).