Generating procurement and sales on a foreign market, is partly a systematic process.

This is not a guarantee, it is however a precondition.

It starts with structured introduction conversation, where all important steps are being discussed; product, what foreign markets to focus on, available market intelligence, commitment, own establishment, marketing from own country or locally via a partner? All important issues are discussed in a non-binding, exploratory conversation. Distribution and sales; subsidy possibilities; fiscal and legal assistance; acquisition; marketing-communication; building a website; public relations; intellectual property; tradeshow participations; etcetera.

Based upon this information psps produces an offer with outlined objectives, planning and figures and clearly formulated. Once an offer improves, psps will get busy helping you further.

psps as an agent

psps assists companies abroad, and not just as a consultant!

psps consultants is also an entrepreneur; willing to take responsible risks in the form of participations. Besides consultancy – usually fee based – psps works in specific cases also on the basis of participation. Advise versus a percentage of the turnover.

SIB Coaching

A possible option designed especially for Dutch companies is SIB Coaching.

SIB (Starters International Business) is a coaching trajectory for starting exporters. Together with the entrepreneur, the chances and the risks in a foreign market are being analysed. The entrepreneur works towards a specific action plan. In 3 to 5 meetings, the following will be discussed:

  • What does your company excel at? What do you want to achieve? What countries offer chances for your business?”
  • How attractive are the chosen countries? Which country or countries offer the best possibilities?
  • What do you need to respond to these possibilities?

Since psps is accredited to supply companies with SIB advice, companies can request a voucher worth 2400€. This voucher is valid for 6 months. You pay with the voucher for the service offered by psps.
If you are interested, please contact Monika Sanders