The services of psps are focused on individual and collective support of companies exploring new territories. psps guides them through the whole export process and is responsible for establishing the right commercial contacts.

If a client’s request is time sensitive, psps takes care of both market exploration and market development all at once; this means that psps will assist the client in the first introduction in the new export market by having conversations with market experts. Psps will review the outcome together with the client and will start planning meetings with potential clients and partners.

In different cases, certainty goes beyond rapidity, where the very first step is gaining inside knowledge about the market. After reviewing the market and concluding that it offers potential, psps will take the necessary next steps and will start arranging 1-on-1 contacts with foreign experts. The objective is to first create a clear overview of the market potential. If there is sufficient market potential psps will start thinking about market-entry strategies. What will work best in this market? An agent, a partner or maybe an own establishment? Also cultural barriers and/or differences play an important role in development of a new export market.